The morning after

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but Midtown Mahattan is oddly quiet. There’s traffic, yeah, even big trucks, and the occasional siren. There’s just less of it. The city feels like it’s had its wind knocked out and is sitting on the pavement with its legs out in front of it till it recovers.

They come in waves, the things this could make worse. Keystone Pipeline, DAPL, Standing Rock. Syria. Climate change. Environmental regs. The ways men feel allowed to treat women. I remember a clip of OJ Simpson, he was wearing boxing gloves and he made some dumb joke about belting the old lady if she got out of line. Of course he didn’t mean anything by it, did he, Nicole?

All the ways the Supreme Court will influence the country for the next oh 25 years… Voting rights. Abortion. Civil rights.  Citizens United is here to stay, Roe v. Wade and Affordable Care, maybe not. They have it all, every branch of government. Looking on the bright side, maybe they’ll finally allow some things to get done, now that they don’t have to share credit.

I saw Hillary’s brief speech this morning. She was wearing mourning clothes, black and purple. She was impeccable in defeat. Peaceful transfer ofpower. “Have an open mind,” she said. “Give him a chance to lead.” This, in particular, resonated for me: “Fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

Just have to figure out how….