“Eric Garner Michael Brown”

That was the chant in the street under my window on 8th Ave. in the 50s tonight. One of them, anyway.It was more dramatic last night: pretty big crowds moving up 8th Avenue in the street. And then, after they’d been stopped somewhere out of my range of vision, coming back, walking downtown facing traffic. If I’d been in a cab or any other vehicle, I’d have been scared, because there was nowhere to go, and there wasn’t a cop in sight. They must have all been at the more demanding, dramatic sites—the West Side Highway, Union Square. I tried to take pictures out my widow, but you can’t see the danger as clearly as when I was watching it.

Tonight was both better and worse. The crowds were smaller, but there were more of them. One crowd would fade up 8th Avenue, flanked by phalanx of police cars, and another would emerge from a side street.

“Hey, look, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down…” Thank you Steven Stills.


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